Why the Rei Pescador?

Some people are couriois about our kennel name Rei Pescador. In Portuguese it means                        REI PESCADOR


Fisher King – this name is basically connected with Arthurian legends and the mysterious knight. Charming Arthurian stories tell us about heroism and bravery from the past long time ago and for me they are one of the most beautiful.

The legend of the Percival and the Grail, written probably in about 1180 starts with the story of Joseph of Arimthea, the wealthly jew, who gave over his own tomb to the Christ’s dead body. One of versions of the story claims, that he touched the cup, which Christ’s used during his Last Supper. Alternative version of the story says, that the grail was the cup, where Joseph catched the blood of dying Christ, whereas later escaped from Palestine with a few of Jesus followers. One of the number of tales says that they had travelled as far away as to the mouth of Rhône in Southern France. To these days, his mythic arrival is celebrated there each May. According to the another version he reached the banks of Southern England.

Legend further tells us that Joseph’s followers congregated around the Round Table, where the mythical Holy Grail stood. As like as during the Lord’s Last Supper, there were thirteen chairs around the table and one (the place representing Judas) was always empty. On the mount Munsalvaesche - the Salvation Mount, the Grail Castle was built, where the grail’s ever-lasting guardian – the Fisher King, who lead the order of the grail knights, settled. Medieval epos about Arthur a twelve knights of the Round Table predicates, that their ideal of fautlness knighthood get it’s purport in the moment, when knights fall on the quest of searching the Holy Grail and releasing the Fisher King. The reward for fulfilment of this quest is the truth in the soul and connection with the divinity.

Well, that’s the story about the Fisher King….

Not long ago I have read an article of Lenka Markovičová in the Fauna magazine, which handled the Portuguese Water Dogs topic, and I really liked one of the sentences there: „Sometime the Portie stops and starts gazing in a daydream…Maybe, that he is reminiscing his glorious past.“

Who knows, maybe these dogs were accompaning theirs celtic masters on their distant sails…For you, as like as for me, the Portuguese Water Dog could be the guardian of your home as much as your companion during the sail through your life. So this is the reason for the name – Rei Pescador.

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