For whom is the PWD the best choice?

My opinion - for everyone except tought and bad people. If you aren´t too active,                       278351 155564804582267 1540667976 o

or athlete, he will adopt your life style. But you must give him regular walks and little bit of the fun :) He apprecieates any fun you will prepare for him like looking for the hidden sponge cakes. And as you can see on our photos, they like to relax too :)

 Portugalský vodní pesPortugalský vodní pes

They are also used as a rescue dogs:

ch.urso dělat mar dělat Lusíadas

Copyrigh Do Lusiadas Kennel s laskavým svolením paní Fabiany Bazzani.


... some agility...



He really loves the water sports:



Copyrigh Cadamostos

Thanks to Ms. Silke Holje -Schumacher for the photos

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