Workshop take a photos of our dogs in Heroltice


Me and Arletka participated workshop ,,Take a photos of our dogs,, in Heroltice last weekend.
It was wonderful two days full of fun but learn and take photos too, under the tutelage of Dušan Brzobohatý, Photographer.
He initiated us to secret of screens, time and light.
We can tried take photos in studio . Arletka was excellent model, she was patient and I had reward for her – dainty and enthusiastic mistress....
We enjoyed it in society of great dogs and people, the weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was really unique.

There were course of track too ,so we had possibility to look training dogs and learned something new about behaviour and training from friendly participants of this course.
Arletka was running on obstacle , she was very skiful and she managed ,,A,, and ,,beam,, without any problems.
She was very friendly to everyone except one ,, Australien,, which she drive off from herself from the first time...
How one women noticed ,, Don´t smell to princess,, .
Arletka confirmed everyone that porties are great dogs and choose this race was good choise.
You can look at our results and maybe it will be inspiration for you to take your cameras and go to ,, Hunt without weapons,,

DSC 0212        DSC 0235   DSC 0400   DSC 0405


  DSC 0440     DSC 0501       DSC 0439    DSC 0469




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